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interruption during shooting


Hi! I have a problem in shooting with my Canon 60d.

While shooting, after a while the camera automatically stop the registration.

I don't find the setting to fix it. Please help me about it!




It sounds as if you are filling up the buffer... does this occur after taking a continous burst of shots at a high frame rate?


If so, there's a limit, after which the camera has to slow down or pause to off-load the images onto the memory card. If shooting RAW + JPEG, this is most likely to fill the buffer and slow the camera most quickly. Try just shooting RAW alone. And, since they are smaller files, shooting JPEG alone also allows more shots before the camera has to slow during continuous shooting.


Another possibility.... It also might slow down if you memory card is less than ideal. 60D use SD memory cards, which I'm not terribly familiar with... hopefully someone else can recommend what's optimal for your camera.


There also are some settings that slow down the camera. For example, if shooting long exposures with Long Exposure Noise Reduction enabled, the camera actually takes two shots of equal duration. The first is your exposure, the second is a blank shot (with the shutter closed) that the camera will use to identify noise it will automatically deduct from the first exposure. If you cancel the second exposure before it's completed (such as by turning off the camera), both images will be discarded.


Some focusing methods and settings also can cause the camera to pause.


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Is this during stills or video?

If it is video, it is probably normal operation with built in limits.

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Yes, it happens during video shooting.

Do you mean that there is nothing I can do to avoid it?


If you are running up against the 4 GB limit and/or the 29 minute limit, no, there is not.


Possibly the interruption is to display the text indicating that recording is restarting. But, I bet it is more a factor of the camera clearing the recording buffer and auto-starting the recording.  Maybe with the newer Canons with the Digic5+ processor, will reduce the pause between recorded clips.

In the meantime you can be creative with your recording. 

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!
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