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Canon UV Filters

As a new owner of a 60D, I want to get a UV filter to protect the lens, and Canon makes 3 of them.  There are 3 different ones, and no data given for selection.  Should I get the priciest one, or go for one of the cheaper versions? Can someone compar...

5D III off color

Purchased 2 5D III's and 1D X recently.  The color on 5D III's leans to the green side.  I have all settings in Adobe Camera Raw set the same for all cameras.  Images are shot in RAW and on custom white balance in studio light on a target.  I am usin...

Issues and suggestions

There are some features missing from EOS 60D while the one worked ia my old 450D.The first one is for all Canon cameras, the other really a downgrade from my EOS 450D. a) Set Shooting style to M, set ISO to Auto ISO, set aperture to e.g. f8 and Shutt...

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