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best slider dolly for filming?

Hey guysI use my canon t3i for half of my YouTube videos and I really like those panning slide shots. I was wondering what kind of slider dolly would enable to me to mount on my tripod and be light enough that the slider dolly itself doesn't tilt to ...

Image Quality Problem in 5D Mark III

Hi Experts, Recently I have bought Canon 5D Mark III, when I am shoot with studio(mono) lights the photos are not sharp it’s look like hazy. Herewith I have attached the sample photo. I have tested with my old camera and my friend’s camera with same ...


T5i Viewfinder Display Is Dim

Hi, I just bought a T5i and noticed that the display at the bottom of the viewfinder is about half as bright as my SXi. If the sun is behind me or to my side, I can't see the display. I didn't have this problem with my SXi. I tried an eyecup, but it'...

Peripheral Illumination Correction

I have a EOS Rebel T3i and I just bought a Tamron 16-300 lens.  The camera states "No correction data available" for this lens.  Is there a way to download this information to the camera from Canon or some other source?  If not, is there a way to cor...

Eos T5i Auto Focus problems

Hi, I have this brand new camera T5i and I haven't used it for over a week- however when I turned the camera on I noticed that the lens didn't auto rotate. Usually when I turn it on or off the lens tends to do it's all little thing...but nothing. I t...

paulo99 by Apprentice
  • 9 replies

EOS 70D Shutter Lag

Bought my EOS 70D a couple months ago and it has been working great until recently. Now, my shutter lag is a few seconds long. I've checked the drive mode and it is in single shutter mode, not self-timer (however, I have used the self-timer recently)...

Canon T3i Rebel won't turn on( Intermittently)

Hi, My Canon T3i Rebel sometimes goes off while I am shooting. When I try to get it back, it just won't turn on. Now if I take the memory card and the battery out, leave it overnight and next day re-assemble them and turn it on it MAY or MAY NOT turn...

Deep by Apprentice
  • 7 replies

t2i Lens error message, now not taking pics

About a week ago my t2i gave me an error message saying it could not read the lens. Switched out to a different lens and it worked fine for about another week. Now it's struggling to take pictures. Any thoughts on what to do next? Would a good cleani...

mbeare by Apprentice
  • 1 replies
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