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Resolved! EOS 5D Mark II Manual Mode Question

I've been using my 5D Mark II for several years in "Program", "AV", and "TV" modes, but just started trying out manual "M" mode and am confused. With the camera in manual mode, I can adjust the shutter speed using the main dial (above the shutter but...

Rebel t6i not recognized by computer

I have downloaded the eos utility but when I plug my camera in to my laptop it doesn't recognize it. I am trying to get pictures from camera to computer.This is first time trying to do so and on a laptop and just installed Windows 10

asking by Apprentice
  • 7 replies

Make a creative tone

I just watched in 'Canon Thailand' youtube channel that EOS M10 can make many filter like vintage, fade, black and white and we can set the tone easily. Can EOS M3 be like that? 

EOS Rebel T5 shooting at night

HELP!  what is the OPTIMUM setting for shooting stop action sports at night under the lights?  (think High School football)!   I have the Rebel T5 and a normal and zoom lens that all came together when I bought the kit.

T6i / T6s questions

Do the T6i's or T6s have digital levels built in?  I want to get a T6i, or s, to a relative for Christmas.  He has an older T3i with quite a few lenses.  I just need to know before getting one on eBay.

Resolved! walls come out yellow

I have an EOS Rebel SL1. i love the camera. but when i am taking pics at my church the walls come out yellow in the background. the subjects are fine in the pic. it's just the walls. what can i do? i am still learning abt the settings, ie. white bala...

slaw1962 by Apprentice
  • 13 replies

Resolved! 7D auto reverts to default settings

Here is an interesting problem:I have a 1 year old factor reconditioned 7D EOS I use exclusively for video recording which I typically shoot at 24fps.. Recently (ON ALL SHOOTING MODES) it automatically reverts to 1 minute shut off and 30fps. (it may ...

Todd00009 by Contributor
  • 19 replies
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