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EOS Rebel T6i Keeps Going Busy

I purchased my Rebel T6i in early 2018.  My memory card is a SanDisk Ultra Plus 80 MB/s 32GB, and the Fireware is version 1.0.0. I'm still a novice when it comes to photography. For the past few months, I've been experiencing some issues with my came...

CR3 Format

I have statrted this topic before and was helped out when it came to lightroom. Got the 90D and its RAW files are in CR3. Apple Photos will not display this format. I called Apple and they said the new OS Catalina 10.5 will take care of this issue. W...

chief by Enthusiast
  • 32 replies

Resolved! Terrible Canon Service

Hey guys! I'm really upset with the Canon Service Center. Two months ago I sent a 1DX to inspect (with dust inside the viewfinder). Canon Service contact me and they explain me that my camera needs a new pentaprism ($732). So I agreed to fixed, even ...

Yosvaldy by Contributor
  • 13 replies

Need Recommendations: SL3 or T6I

I currently have an Olympus SP-610UZ. I am looking to upgrade my camera for nature and wildlife photography. (as well as casual use but I will mainly use it for nature and wildlife) I was going to just purchase the T6I but I saw the SL3 is similar wh...

EOS 70D question

Hello forum,  Today I was taking picture with my 70D. I don't know what I did or pressed, suddenly the focus point became larger. I remember it says something like SEL next to the square or rectangular shape thing. When I pressed the shutter, the res...

onesip by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Internal Focus Stacking

Hello everyone!   I have been a Canon user for over 20 years.  I currently shoot with the 5D Mark IV and the 7D Mark II.  Focus Stacking is important to me.  I do NOT want to use external gadgets.  WHEN oh when will Canon put internal focus stacking ...

I Dropped my Camera

Hello,couple of days ago i dropped my camera and untill that point my camera worked fine.so only part removed from the camera was the battery door,other than that just a scratch on the body,and then i put back the camera door and also the battery fir...

kosta by Apprentice
  • 12 replies

corrupt movie files

I used a Rebel T 5 as a stationary camera for some music performances. All of the files showed up on the flash card but over half showed that there was spaced being used on the card but the length of the clip was absent. None of these clips will play...

tbakersv by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

EOS 5D4 AF Servo focus point display

HelloWhen I’m in single-shot mode I see a tiny red-outlined square thru my viewfinder corresponding to my selected focus point. This I like. However, when I shoot in AF Servo mode I don’t see that square. Is there a way to enable that? I would like t...

Image screen black during operation on eos7D

Followed tips by pressing INFO once- still black, pressed INFO 3 times- still black. tried pressing Q- still black. tried changing batteries 3 times, all good but screen still black. yes, image view was lit &well displayed at all times.what else shou...

Amadden by Contributor
  • 13 replies

Need Recommendations - Full Frame

I'm a social media and PR manager for a restaurant group in San Francisco. I take a lot of photos of cocktails, food, and restaurant environment (low light, fast moving). I'm also looking to build up my skills so that I can turn it into a side hustle...

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