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Wireless remote at 30m+ with EOS R6


I’m trying to shoot some light painting style shots on my own, with an R6. The location I want the subject is about 30 meters away from the camera, over a body of water (but accessible by a bridge).

I’d planned to set the camera up then use the Wireless connection to connect the camera to the phone via Bluetooth or Wifi, cross the bridge then start light painting taking multiple shots.

The problem I have is neither Bluetooth or Wi-Fi hold the connection between the camera and the phone for more than 10m (approx) Despite being in line of sight the whole time it won’t stay connected.

I tried a 10s fire delay, but that also didn’t give me enough time to get over the bridge.

From reading up the IR triggers only work for 5m.

Does anyone have any ideas for how to make a trigger work over longer distances?

Thanks for your help



This this a technology limitation. 

This is the only option I see for you:

Canon Knowledge Base - Canon : Product Manual : EOS R6 : Interval Timer Shooting

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Pixel 283 wireless remote from Amazon claims 80 meter transmission range. 

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At 30m or 100ft, I think you have hit about the maximum range for a wireless connection without some kind of range extender.

B&H Photo sells one called a Vello LW-500 that is advertised at 196ft. It lists several Canon cameras that it is compatible with, but the R6 is not among them. Perhaps if you contacted the manufacturer?

Steve Thomas

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