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When will canon fix the focus issues with the 70D?


I was "T.H.I.S." close to buying the 70D.  I have read WAYYY too many posts about issues with the focusing on the 70D.  How is Canon handling the issue?  I would love to buy this camera, but not willing to gamble with that much money.

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@Airjaff wrote:
Hello I bought a 70d online had it delivered 3 days ago. I'm using a sigma 18-35mm lens, that camera I have prior (still have it) is canon 650d and the lens works perfectly in that. With this 70d the focus is out every time when focusing through the viewfinder and is in focus every time when I focus in live view mode. I have done macro focus adjustments, I did this close up at first and it seemed to work but then I started taking pictures of subjects further away and they were out of focus every **bleep** time! Again they were in focus in live view every time I'm so disappointed. I am not going to risk exchanging for another 70d. I really do want a new camera though. Why has canon not addressed this issue, reading online this issues has been going on for 2 years now! Does anyone have any tips? Should I return or get it sent to canon, or should I get a 7d mark ii? I'd rather not spend so much money though.

I agree with the previous comment. Just get rid of that camera and because of the bad impression that this one left two years ago (I went through the whole episode without success) and switched from Canon altogether. It is a shame chat Canon is not doing anything about it. 

Run away from Canon 70d. Seriously! Get rid of this...

I´m a brazilian owner of the 70d which i bought it 7 months ago. I discovered this problem when i just opened the images in computer. I spent lots of time trying to fix it with micro adjustments. I already sent it back to the seller and he gave me a new body which has the same problem. I did search a lot on internet and already talked with lots of people using this camera model. This camera only works well for videos! 88% of time the photos will be out of focus with a terrible blur aspect even if you are doing everything right or using the best prime lenses. I did tests with basic and professional lenses:

Canon 18-135mm IS STM

Canon 50mm 1.8 II
Sigma 35mm 1.4 ART

Canon 85mm f1.2 L


It doesn´t matter! All the photos are poor, out of focus, blurried, etc... With f1.2 lenses and 1.4 the problem is bigger. I shot more than 100 images with sigma and L lens which are the best lenses nowdays...  I really save ony 5% of photos! Terrible!


The pity is that here in Brazil (This fc-king corrupt and slave country of globalists) everything is much more expensive you guys can image!!! I´m so sad because i can´t buy any more camera or lens. My desire is to sell the 70d, but as the 70d decreased the price (i will lose money. it will be not enough to buy another one --- 😞 --- ). All the cameras increased the price. But is noticiable that here in Brazil that 70d is cheapper since 7 months ago... Why? It´s because the famours problem with 70d is everywhere! JUST CANON does disguise not seeing this... 

Canon never more! In the future i will sell this.


I want migrate to Fuji or Sony mirroless bodies. The possibility to lose focus with these mirroless cameras is much minor! I attended an event (workshop) with a great photographer in brazil and he uses fuji xt1. i was amazing how this camera works! he does not lose focus never! even if using f1.2 the focus is sharpen all teh time! With Canon this will never happens... never!


Fuji and Sony are the future with photography!




hi everyone.


Just some lines to tell my own story. Will try to be short And clear, and I apologize for my bad english (as I am french).


so, 70d bought 5 weeks ago.

First problem came with my Canon 50mm f1.4. Big front focus discovered one day. Then I dive into micro adjustments for the first time. Even at +20, the DOF Is not good, 3 meters behind the subject (at 10m). 

The expérience was usefull because I could understand something about my 24-105 L. For this one, a +13 for telephoto fixed my soft images. Good News.

Then I started to think about the sigma 50mm ART, because of its performance. As the Canon 50mm works a bit better on the 1200d of my wife, I decide to give it to her and to buy the sigma. Just received, I see a bit front focus (And bigger on the 1200d). I try the micro adjustement but what I take for close images is lost for far images...

Then I read many forums about the sigma art. 35 And 50mm seem to Have focus issues.

ok... Lets buy the USB dock...

just received 2 days ago.

you Have to measure And adjust focus for 40cm, 70cm, 150cm And infinity. I did. +14, +15, +11 And +4.

Ok, but I quickly found some variations In focusing. If I could get something good for 0,4 to 5 meters, things are getting a bit more complicated with subject at 30m. 

I Have tried All the different possibilities, USB dock alone, USB + 70d onboard micro adjust, etc...

600 test shots In two days, and as the only result something inconsistant.


all was done at f1.4


i Have only 2 possible conclusions. 


 - the Canon 70d Is not good to handle wide apertures. I dont have trouble when shooting at 2.8 with my 100mm L. Things become difficult only at wide apertures. Even the Canon 1.4 does strange things, on the 1200d And the 70d. A possible conclusion Is that this kind of dslr Is not well designed for wide apertures (with viewfinder). From some forums, 1.2 or 1.4 are very specific systems and give problems to many cameras since 40 years All overall the world. (Type "focus problem nikon" and it will be the same btw)


- sigma lenses are not really good even In Art version. I Have found guys who have bought 5 50mm and gave up. All were crappy... Same for the 35mm. Juste read some comments on And Many many peoblems


- third possible conclusion : a mix between the two other conclusions. Bad combo.


before my issue with the Canon 50 f1.4, I was pretty happy with the 70d. I never noticed any focus problem with the center AF (used most of time). So I am not sure I Have the problem described All overall the 23 pages here.


but one thing Is sure : despite my work with the USB dock, it Is sure that the focus fails easily at f1.4. Sometime You can even see it In the viewfinder...

I Have Put the 50mm In his box, will go back to Amazon In 2 days.

I want to take another 50mm somewhere else. Will it solve my problem of inconstancy? Perhaps If it comes from the Lens And I can find a good one. Surely not If the 70d has a crappy AF at wide apertures. It Is hard to say when You use a lens famous for his AF problems.



I too have the 70D with the 18/135 kit lens among others. I use the 18/135 the most and the focus/soft problem is infuriating. I tried all the settings and found the lcd creates the sharpest pictures. The viewfinder is a chance shoot. Maybe 2 out of 10 are what I consider sharp. I called Canon several times and was told there is nothing wrong with my camera or lens - hinting that I don’t know how to use a camera. I have been in photography since the 70’s starting with the A1 and the F1. Along the way I switched to digital and my old Rebel T6 ran circles around the 70D for sharpness. I put my camera on tripod and ran tests of every setting available on camera and the sharpness/focus is dismal at best. I have found taking pictures with LCD creates about a 50/50 chance of acceptable pictures. Canon swears there is nothing wrong with camera body or lens but can’t tell me how to get sharp pictures which are acceptable. Has anyone found an answer for this problem - beside upgrading the 70D?