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What is an email to get Canon camera support help??


I contacted Canon for help on 03/09/2015 for some problems with my new Canon EOS 7d Mark ll but they were never resolved.
The camera tends to jam and display an "error" message when I use the auto or P mode, but although it works perfectly in the Av or Tv modes, also gives error messages when uploading the photos to my PC and I have to hit the "continue to upload" button. It usually overexposes and blurs all the photos in Av, Tv, and P modes, unless I am photographing a dark bird in the shadows.

When I switch to auto, the light balance is perfect and focus is sharp, but I lose the ability to target a subject and can't focus on a bird if there is anything close to it.

I've changed all the camera settings several times, and followed the advice of the Canon support staff by following the directions to reset the camera several times, bought different cards, but the problems have continued.

I would like advice for which settings to use for photographing fast-moving birds of different color shades in many changing light situations..from early morning near darkness to bright sunlight, white birds to black ones.

I would like to use the auto settings, but adjust the focus points so I only focus on a center point, which is what I thought I had done in the P mode, but the camera still overexposes the photos.


I've tried repeatedly to contact staff through different links, such as the links listed below, but they won't work and keep resetting without being submitted.








No offense, but you sound like an inexperienced photographer, who is not familiar with their gear, and is attempting one of the more difficult challenges in photography, which is capturing pictures of birds. 


I suggest some on-line tutorials, or a photography class.  Seek out and join a bird watching club in your area, might be good, too.


Follow that link.  Along the right side, you will see a link to "EOS 101".  I recommend those videos as a starting point.  Until you are using your camera knowledgably and properly, it is difficult to discern camera faults from operator error.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Thanks for the links! It was following advice in tutorials that no doubt got my settings messed up, since I prefer to shoot in P. letting everything be as automatic as possible. 

LOL! I've been photographing birds since before digital cameras, but try to do as little as possible since I shoot only wild birds in natural conditions, hand-held, in all conditions and weather; swamps, cliffs, etc, with often only quick glimpses of fast-moving birds, so want settings that work best with the least adjustment. My Canon 7d was perfect for that, and I had no problems with it, so I know I need to learn to use the Canon 7d Mark ll, since the resolution is superior.


It might be helpful if you can provide more information on your equipment like what lens you're using.  Also when you said the camera jams and give error message...jam how? did the lens get stuck? and what does the message say?


Regarding the blurring and overexposing problem in Av or Tv modes, it appears that your ISO value is set to a fixed value. As you might know, to set a proper exposure you or the camera adjusts Av, Tv and ISO values to get there.  If the ISO is set to a fixed value, the camera


1. will only adjust the Tv value in Av mode and if you don't have enough light, lower the speed to the point that you can't handhold without blurring the pictures.


2. will only adjust the Av value in Tv mode and if you have too much light, the picture will overexpose.


Resetting the camera default will not help because the ISO setting, if this is the case, is user select and the camera will remember it until you change it.  In Auto or P mode, the camera takes over and it doesn't care what the user wants so that's why things start working without your involvement.


Easy way to fix this:  


1.  Set your camera to Av mode.

2. Press the Q button in the back of your camera.  A menu will appear on the LCD screen

3 Toggle the joystick on the back of your camera to move the highlight to ISO on the upper right corner of the menu until ISO box is highlight in amber.

4. Turn the big round dial until the word AUTO appears.  This will tell the camera to set the ISO automatically for you.  This will solve your immediate problem with overexposing and blurring.

5. Set your camera to Tv mode.

6. repeat 2 to 4 above.  The camera remembers individual settings for individual modes.


You only have to do it once.  The camera will remember the setting until you change it (accidentally or not)


I agree that you need to learn more on how to master the has thousands of good videos teaching you how to do everything.  I'd suggest to search on how to use my 7D mark II and others like setting exposures.



Diverhank's photos on Flickr


About the error message; it has been coming up since I bought the camera. I contacted a Canon rep last year and followed his instructions to reset the camera several times, bought different cards, etc., but the error kept coming up. The camera will just stop, as though jammed, but if I switch the mode to Av or Tv, it starts to work immediately, so it isn't mechanical.


Another question, though..what free photo editing software can be used to edit RAW photos with the Canon EOS 7d Mark ll? I tried several but they didn't support the camera software.

Canon provides Digital Photo Professional with the camera. It will edit the RAW files.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic

Call Canon at 1-800-OK-CANON.
John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic
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