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Unstable wifi connection of Canon EOS RP to Android smartphone


My Canon EOS RP connects nicely and reliably to my smartphone (A OneTouch 7T with Android 11 and the latest security update). HOWEVER, the wifi disconnnects after about 3 minutes unless I am actively using the Canon Connect app. By "actively using" I mean taking picture, transferring pictures, etc. If the camera is idle for more than 3 minutes or so, the wifi disconnects. This makes working in the field annoying, to say the least.

The best possible explanation that I can find is that Android disconnects automatically after a period of time from a wifi signal that does not have an internet connection.

And I want to emphasize that I am interested in solutions to this problem that will work in the field.




Android / iOS does not require internet connectivity to maintain an active connection between your camera and your mobile device. 

What's likely is one or the other device is entering power save or low power state.  This could be a multitude of settings.  I use Pixels, so I am not 100% familiar with Oxygen OS.  It might also be a setting on the camera.  Screen time out, etc.  Your OnePlus device should include Smart Lock, be sure to add your camera as a Trusted Device.  With minimal experimentation, I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out. Hopefully something I've written will point you in the right direction. 

Running up to date FW for your body is also recommended.


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Have you tried turning off "Auto switching"? It may be switching between WiFi and data, 4 or 5G. Sometimes the phone will auto switch to the strongest signal.



I agree with the others.  It is the phone switching to your phone service provider’s network.  Tablets with phone service do the same thing, but those without phone service do not drop out.  I’ve never used an Android, so I cannot offer any insight on what settings to change.  

But, the issue is definitely the phone looking for an Internet connection.  If both the phone and camera connected to a common WAP with an internet connection, the dropping out issue may go away.

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