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CANON EOS M50 freezes and restarts ? Problem

New Contributor

Hello everyone, I have had the Canon EOS M50 for 2 years now and from the first year to now, I have noticed 2 huge problems that are starting to worry me.
1) While I'm in video mode for more than half an hour (this has also happened after a few minutes), the image freezes for a few seconds, then shuts down (I'm shooting in 1080p only and my SD card is of course formatted and compatible)
2) And I also have an almost similar problem, this time without having used it before, so I turn it on for the first time of the day and even without being in the process of filming, a few minutes later the image freezes without turning off this time (on the return screen: green and purple image) and I have to turn it off to restart it
Is this due to use? or a manufacturing problem? Thank you very much for your future answers


Honored Contributor

Is it a full size card?

Have you formatted your card lately?

I believe there is a 30 minute limit for a video, but it should just create a new file and keep going.

It's not an SD card problem, I've switched to all SD card models and storages because as time went on I needed more (from 16gb to 512gb same problem)

Yes I have already specified it, I have to format before

No it's not about the 30min, I'm not talking about the recording limitation
I'm talking about the "bug" of the camera that freezes while I'm filming myself, it's videos of tens/twenty minutes that I create
and the problem occurs randomly while I'm filming (for example during the 5th minute, then it goes off, then I shoot a new one: the problem occurs at the 18th minute, etc etc... )

Occasional Contributor

I might be wrong, but my understanding is that m50 has 4gig max videoing (is that a word) & approx 1/2 hr then stops video, then you have to start shooting again. Hope that helps.

No the device does not turn off normally, here is a picture of the problem (picture taken yesterday)
It stays frozen like that for 1 minute and then turns off, considering the screen it's another problem, I've never seen that elsewhere