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Transferring photos from EOS 80D using NFC


Can someone help me with this please? Samsung note 10 plus I got over the summer and now suddenly can't use the canon connect app with my EOS 80D, same error. There is no Bluetooth on the 80D so had to use NFC but if you can do it with out the NFC and just wifi can someone explain how or point me to instructions.

"due to changes in the android OS specifications from version 2.7.0 of camera connect wifi connection using NFC touch is no longer available please use another connection"


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi acraftylady,

You can connect your EOS 80D and mobile device through wifi. The steps to do that are:

1) First the Canon Camera Connect App should be installed on the phone. Once installed don't open it or have it running in the background, we just need it installed at this point.

2) On the camera press the menu button and go to the first page of the yellow wrench menu and select Wireless Communication Settings.

3) Select Wi-Fi Function, and then Connect to Smartphone.

4) Now select Easy Connection and hit okay. Now the camera should be showing an SSID and an Encryption Key. Leave that screen on the camera.

5) On your smartphone pull up nearby wifi networks, you'll see one that matches the SSID listed on the camera. Select that and when it asks for a password enter the Encryption Key listed on the back of the camera.

6) Once the phone is on the network open the Canon Camera Connect app. When you do it will show a prompt that it has detected a new camera.

7) In the prompt select the name of the camera and now on the back of the camera it will ask if you want to connect to the smart phone. Select Okay and the connection will be established.


For additional help. See Canon USA's Youtube channel - 80D to Camera Connect App:

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