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Transferring Videos from EOS Rebel T6 to iPhone using Canon Connect


I just got my first real camera so I don't know a ton, my camera is a EOS Rebel T6 DLSR. My question is how to transfer videos to my phone, I don't have a computer that I can use for this, when I try and transfer a video it doesn't let me, any advice? Thanks.




I'm not sure you can.

It looks like people have had this problem down through the years.

I did a Google search for:

"can I transfer videos from my Canon T6 to my phone using Canon Camera Connect?"

and got a lot of results.

You might be able to using the USB port and the proper cables, but does the T6 store videos as .mov files?

That  might be a problem on the IPhone end.

Steve Thomas

I don't believe it saves them as .mov or .mp4 files, I'd have to check, I will let you know

Sorry for the delay, I forgot I posted this, it does save them as .mov files, I'm not sure why it doesn't let me save them to my phone, I've tried the Canon Connect app and this other app that works better, neither let me save the videos, pictures work just fine, it's really strange.


I'm a little hesitant about offering you any specific suggestions because I don't use either an iPhone or .mov files, but if you do a Google search on How to play .mov files on an iPhone, you get plenty of hits.

There may be an issue with the codecs, and you might have to first convert the video in a video converter that your phone can use, but that 's only a guess on my part.

Steve Thomas

I do not use an iPhone, but I hope this might be helpful anyway. I have tried this on an android phone. You might be able to plug a USB C card reader into the iPhone and put the card from the camera in the card reader. I suggest moving the switch on the card to write protect before connecting it to the iPhone or to a computer unless formatting the card in the camera is planned because sometimes other operating systems will leave a file on the memory card that confuses the software in the camera. has instructions from Apple for connecting external storage.


I have not tried that as I don't have a card reader, I think I'll look into buying one as I don't have a computer nor the money for one. Thank you 🙂

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