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The EOS RP video resolution settings can't be changed.


After I updated to version 1.4.0, I couldn't change the video resolution; not so sure what went wrong. Does anyone have the same problem?





Are you not able to change the settings at all?  When these types of issues occur, the first thing to do is factory reset the camera and attempt to change the setting(s) again.  If this doesn't help, you can try reflashing or contact Canon. 


My recommendation is reset, retest and contact Canon if you encounter the same problem. 

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Or get into one of the "advanced modes" : PAS or M.

Thanks for your reply,

Sadly, I have already attempted to change the settings from the "advanced modes" and the screen still did not allow me change the video resolution.

Thank you for your advice,

I have already tried to reset the settings; however, the video resolution setting page still remained the same. I will contact Canon.