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R8 Is Not Reading SD Cards


Canon R8 cannot read SD cards that it was reading just fine for weeks. It is a new camera, and I cannot detect any damage when I peek into the card slot. I am using cards that are listed as compatible on the Canon site. I also reset the camera to factory settings. The full error message is "Card cannot be accessed. Reinsert/change the card or format card with camera."

I've seen a lot of errors posted on this site about the same issue but not for the R8 specifically. I just got the camera, so I'd rather not be sending it off to a service center so soon. Is there another explanation?




Have you tried re-formatting one of the cards?

I only ask because I got the same message after putting a card into a card reader. I figured the card reader corrupted the files somehow. I formatted the card and dumped that reader. Things seem to be working well now.

Steve Thomas

Thanks for your reply. I did reformat a SD card in a T6i and then put that card into the R8, to no avail. 


Is it a full size card or a micro card with adapter. microcards don't work well in Canon's

Hi thanks for responding. I have tried both full sized SD cards and micros with no success. This is my first mirrorless. I have used various Canon DSLRs for a long time. I’ve had SD card glitches before, but I kind of feel like this is a camera issue. 


 I am using cards that are listed as compatible on the Canon site. “

Could you please state exactly what cards you are using.  

Full size or micro-SD?  What brand?  What model?  UHS-I or UHS-II?  What storage capacity?

Most importantly, where did you buy the memory card(s)?  Amazon is not a good place.

BTW, swapping memory cards between cameras will usually corrupt a memory card.  

"The right mouse button is your friend."


Hi Waddizzle, I have attempted to use a SanDisk 32GB Ultra SDHC I and one other that I left at work (I don't remember what kind... a 32GB SanDisk Extreme I think). I have a bunch of these that I bought from Amazon and BH at different times. The Ultra is the one I've been using the most. 

I teach a class, so I have multiple Canon DSLR models (T5i, T6i, T7, T7i, 70D). We frequently swap cards between them, although I usually reformat cards after we download images from them, so kids are grabbing a clean card to use. And they use them a lot. In fact, my cards are more likely to fall apart from use before they get corrupted, but, yes, I think the ones that do corrupt tend to be the micros. 

I've had the R8s for just a few weeks and have been using two of them multiple times with the same kind of cards without incident... until one of the cameras just stopped accepting any card whatsoever. I tried clearing out the card slot, but there was no debris and nothing obviously broken that I could see. 

Frankly I think I'm going to have to send out this camera to be serviced. I need it for work, and the sooner I start that process the better. I'd welcome more feedback from anyone, though, and I appreciate the feedback offered so far.