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R6 Wifi transfer of videos is painfully slow


Ever since I got my R6 in September, I noticed that the picture and video transfer over Wifi using Canon Connect is painfully slow! I have religeously kept up to date with firmware updates in the hope of it getting better, but so far no joy!

Pictures take a few seconds, but OK. However, even short videos of a few seconds in length take several minutes to transfer, displaying a "compressing and saving" message on my iPhone 10. It was faster when using my previous Canon 90D on the same phone.

Am I missing a trick somewhere?




Yes, it is very slow.  

A common misconception, which I also once had, is that built-in Wi-Fi means the camera is fully networkable when it is not.  The apps sort of use Wi-Fi technology as means to extend the wireless range of Bluetooth, which is slow.  

The built-in Wi-Fi is better suited for remote shooting scenarios, where you download one still image every time you fire the shutter.  Use a USB cable or a card reader to transfer massive video files.

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