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Shooting video w/ R5 - eliminating lens focus noise


I'm trying to shoot video with an R5 and RF 50mm F1.2 L lens. I've attached a Rode Video Mic Pro to the camera. However, the lens makes a lot of noise when the focus changes while I'm shooting (perhaps because it's a USM lens?), which then gets picked up in the audio. What's the solution? I've read that I should either use an STM lens or an external mic. Ideally, I'd prefer not to use an external or off camera mic, since I'm really just trying to shoot home movies of my family. Should I get an STM lens (if so, is there a particular 'go to' lens that most people like)? Should I lock the focus and try to maintain the same distance from my subject (although kids tend not to stay still)? Should I set a narrow aperture (say F11) and just turn off the AF? I'm brand new to shooting video with a mirrorless camera, so any advice would be appreciated. 



I recommend trying the EF 50mm f/1.8 STM lens.  Although, the “STM” zooms were the products designed for video, not the “STM” primes.  You might also try a wider angle focal length.

I repeat this all the time.  Just because a lens is great for capturing stills, does not necessarily mean that it is great for capturing video.  Many of the USM lenses for the EF mount had loud apertures, or apertures that did not transition smoothly from one setting to the next.  

Instead, the aperture would “jump” to the prescribed setting creating a noise that was usually masked by DSLR mirror slap or the mechanical shutter.  The apertures did not exhibit the type of behavior of what one might describe a “de-clicked” aperture.  

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