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R6 MK II Freezes (updated link)



My apologies to those who have seen the video below. It was the wrong video. The link has been updated.

My R6MII has frozen 5-6 times since I got it late last year. The only way to wake it up is to remove the battery and put it back in. Has anyone else had a similar issue? Btw, I run the latest firmware and the issue happened with both the old and the new. Here is the link.





The video is not very helpful.

What brand and type of lens, memory card, mount adapter?

Is your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS disabled?  

"The right mouse button is your friend."


Two lenses, both Canon RF: 24-105 f/4 and 24-240mm. SanDisk cards. Everything is disabled to extend battery life.

“SanDisk Cards”

Exactly which memory cards?  There are many counterfeit cards on the market.  

The lenses should be okay.  I suppose “everything is disabled” means everything else is okay.  If a factory reset of the camera and a new reliable memory card does not fix the issue, then I recommend contact Canon Service to set up a repair ticket.

Note, a Class I memory card is in expensive, and will suffice to rule out an issue with your current cards, whatever they might be.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

This one: SanDisk 128GB Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I Card - C10, U3, V30


Everything else disabled means that Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS are disabled.


I did reach out to Canon and explained the issue. In their response, their first step is to try a new battery. The problem with that suggestion is that my issue goes away when I take out and then put in the same battery, so that will not tell me anything. And another layer of difficulty is that this happens rarely, so replicating it is almost impossible. And my fear is that this will become a bigger problem once I'm out of warranty.


Thank you for your help!

[Commercial link removed and replaced with screenshot to facilitate discussion.]

I see that you are using a UHS-I card.  I strongly recommend that you try a UHS-II card.  These are currently on sale at B&H and other outlets.


How are you using the camera when it locks up?  Shooting Stills?  Shooting Video?  Scrolling the menus?  ???  

"The right mouse button is your friend."

The camera doesn't freeze while I am shooting. It refuses to wake up. Can't recall if I'd shot stills or video before it falls a sleep, but chances are it was stills.


I'm a career photographer, have been for close to 40 years. I have shot exclusively with Canon products my entire career. In the past few years I've owned a few Canon mirrorless cameras, and I was very eager to purchase the R6 MK II. However I have to say that this is a $2500 waste of money. There are a few pros, like the drive speed, and low light performance, but the cons outweigh everything else.

1) Not compatible with many third party lenses, including Tamron 28-75 F2.8 lenses. Bummer! I have two of these in my kit that are used for sports photography. Had to sell them both, as they won't function.

2) Camera randomly locks up, always at the most inopportune times. It locked up just a couple days ago, and the oddity of it was that when it failed, it displayed the live image that was present in the viewfinder. Not a captured image/photo, but a live image. The unit was unresponsive, nothing worked on the camera. I had to remove the battery and reinstall in order to get the camera back up and running. It has locked up probably 3-4 times in the last month. I'm running the latest firmware v1.1.1, however the lockups happened with the original firmware was well.

3) Custom settings do not keep on this camera at all. I will setup the shooting parameters (including 1/125 shutter speed) that I use, save them as C1-C3 and later when I go to use the setting the shutter speed always drops to 1/40th of a second. An no, I don't have the auto update enabled under this setting. This one is a head scratcher for sure.

4) Painfully slow startup time. I mean like 4-5 seconds before the camera decides it's ready to shoot. Supposedly this was fixed with the firmware v1.1.1, but I haven't noticed a difference. I read on another thread that if bluetooth was disabled, the camera starts up faster. I have experienced that it sometimes starts up sooner, but not all of the time. It's random. If you swap out a battery, and introduce a new battery, expect a 4-5 second lag time before the camera wakes up. I've never experienced this with any other Canon DSLR or mirrorless camera.

My best advice if you are looking to purchase a mirrorless is to go with the Canon RP. This little gem is solid and always ready to go. At under $1000 , you can buy two nice, dependable cameras that won't let you down.


I have encounter the issues 1 & 2 you have mentioned in your post with my R6 MKII,  This issue seems to me is not related to the Camera settings, no related to memory card either, when I called Canon support, they are simply asking when it freeze, if the menu button is responsive? Once they know it’s not, they immediately ask send camera back to Canon,

I have seen similar issue reported from social media’s from different regions/countries, and main board in the Camera need to be replaced .

I have been a loyal Canon customer for a few decades, but bit disappointed on Canon’s recent issues with product quality control which is something I believe it’s Canon’s strength for a long time.



We also bought two R6 mark II at the studio and the one with RF 70-200 is not waking up 10% of the times, and the other with RF 14-35 is not waking up 5% of the times. Also the Screen/Viewfinder setting is not saved on Foto vs Video. If I put ONLY SCREEN (no viewfinder) on video there will also be "only screen" on foto. It's sad that you spend so much money on a new camera and it works worse then the original R6.

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