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R6 MK II Freezes (updated link)



My apologies to those who have seen the video below. It was the wrong video. The link has been updated.

My R6MII has frozen 5-6 times since I got it late last year. The only way to wake it up is to remove the battery and put it back in. Has anyone else had a similar issue? Btw, I run the latest firmware and the issue happened with both the old and the new. Here is the link.





Anyone experiencing this behavior. You should perform cursory diagnostics.  Ensure the issue isn't related to a lens, adapter or storage media.  Reset the camera settings to defaults and attempt to reproduce the behavior.  If this doesn't yield results or help, the solution is sending the camera to Canon for inspection and service.  Holding on to something that's not behaving normally and hoping it won't occur or will get fixed in a future firmware release doesn't solve a problem.

We can all commiserate with you and be sorry, but in the end, hope is not a strategy.  

This is not a busy time of year for repairs.  The turn around is pretty quick.  Average is 3 days once approved and then your device is on its way back to you.  

We can sit around speculating on what it might be.  People actually do this and let their warranty expire.  My best advice is don't wait.  

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I'm sorry, but if this problem were with just 1 or 2 users, I even agree that it would be an isolated case and it should be taken to authorized assistance, but according to other reports and more users both here on the forum and also colleagues, and all with lots different manufacturing, it is not possible that EVERYONE needs to bring their cameras so that assistance can look and do what we have already done, which is updating the firmware to the latest and also restoring the factory. This didn't solve the problem, it's some other bug that Canon needs to solve and recall them all as R6 Mark II. If you haven't had it yet, you will, you can be sure of that.

As I said before, there are several manufacturing batches and the error is being presented, so the manufacture of plates or anything like that takes place at very different times. With that, I highlight the issue of a software problem with the R6 Mark II. I've seen this bug also appear in the R3 model, which is much higher in terms of value.

Now, as you said, it is a complicated period to take our cameras for authorized technical assistance, and some may be at the end of their warranty, but stop losing service because the assistance will need 3 days to give you a response and more I don't know how many days to return with your equipment, it's impossible. Canon needs to take urgent action to fix this.

I agree and can confirm that this problem doesn't concerns only 1 or 2 users. As you can see people all over the world struggling with this bug in the canon EOS R6 mark II up to now. 

RF/RF-S - R6M2 Problem | DSLR-Forum

I`m personally affected by having this freezing problem in extreme autofocus situations where I chalenge the Servo-AF in combination with the subject detection AF system. 


Just for the record again... I haven't had the camera for 2 months and it's already like this, it's sad. Here in my country, cameras are very expensive and we work hard to obtain new, quality equipment, only for Canon to be unable to correct a problem that was already presented back in "APRIL".

It's as if the company doesn't care about us consumers, because something like this has already been reported, it should already check and correct it, or even launch a recall so that all users with and without warranty can correct this problem. on your cameras.

“. …only for Canon to be unable to correct a problem that was already presented back in "APRIL". “

You are mistaken.  I think you should read the initial posts.  

The original person seemed to have his “issue” resolved very quickly.  His “issue” seems to have been the wrong choice of memory card.  His “issue” was operator error.

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I have the same issues, especially lately. Latest firmware. Yes I do have the SanDisk cards too. But this only happens on my R6 MII (I have an R7). This is some BS and I would expect CANON to investigate the root cause of this. I am willing to give them my camera/sd cards (for the price i paid) 😠

Yes my SanDisk are genuine, not only bought on Amazon like I've seen, I am using it with only L lenses, mostly 24-70. Lately it has started doing this a lot, and I am only like 8-9 months in owning it.


Hey guys,

I noticed that there was a firmware update made available on the website recently (December).

I did this update and the error still persists for us, it has not been resolved.

Until then, I believed that there was something related to the use of the "electronic first curtain" mode, precisely to use the flash. But yesterday and today, I'm only using the "electronic" mode and the error appeared again, that is, THE CAMERA FROZEN.

It is disappointing for a camera of this quality and for a company like Canon to not be able to solve this problem with so many users from all over the WORLD talking about it (freezing).

Again I say that this is not a hardware problem, but rather a software problem, as it is like a Windows system with an error, it will arrive at a moment and it will freeze, and only restarting to return to normal. There is some wrong line of code in the software that is causing this bug. I don't know if it's related to the sensor, mode of use, autofocus, but there's actually something to it, that's for sure. There are countless different batches of the camera, all over the world and everyone is complaining.

And as said before, it's not a problem with the card or battery, nothing like that. Everything being used original and of the best quality.

“ Again I say that this is not a hardware problem…

I would agree.  Make sure that your issue is not operator error.  It would seem that it is far easier to make a false assumption with such a complex device than people realize.

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If you have a similar “issue”, then I strongly suggest you start your own thread.  Right now there is only one thread about this “issue”, so can look like an isolated issue.  A dozen threads about this same “issue” gets noticed.

Personally, I think the “issue” is being caused by one of the conditions described by Shadowsports in an earlier post.  I strongly suggest that you review them.

The original poster that this thread was using a UHS-I V30 memory card.  After it was suggested that he use a UHS-II V90 memory card his participation in the thread dropped off.  His “issue” seems to have been his choice of memory card.

A bad memory card is one of the issues identified by Shadowsports above.

Another member wanted to keep his Bluetooth enabled when it was not in use.  His camera was probably attempting to connect to the smart phone in his own pocket, or the pocket of someone standing nearby.  I do not think the “issue” has been resolved to his satisfaction.

This forum is social media, which means it is not Canon Service, Support, or Sales.  If you feel your camera is defective, then I suggest that you have it tested and inspected by Canon.

"The right mouse button is your friend."
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