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R5 timelapse stops working in middle of shoot?


Hello, I live in Denver and we had that huge snowstorm 2 days ago.  I set up the R5 (indoors) to try to capture a snow timelapse.  I set up 60 sec interval shots up to anywhere from 200 shots to 2000 shots.  Each time I tried, the camera would stop shooting at various times during the interval and would shut off.  The longest it went was ~1.5 hrs and shortest it went before turning off was about 30 mins.  The camera didn't even save what it had shot up to that point.  The battery power was still pretty high when it turned off.  Anyone have any ideas what is happening?  I just bought the AC power adaptor to see if this makes a difference.  



Sorry I can't be of much help, but at least I can mention that I have done this, and there was no problem.  However I was using the interval timer feature in stills mode -- I've never used "movie timelapse".  So maybe this is a thing to try.

However, using the interval timer has a problem of its own -- you'll end up with thousands of JPEG images to combine into a movie.  (I recommend JPEG; combining thousands of RAW images has never worked for me.)  You can combine the JPEGs using Photoshop; you'll find tutorials online.  The good news is that you'll end up with a super-high-res movie, if you decide to shoot that way.

In my case, I set the number of pictures to zero -- meaning shoot indefinitely -- and manually stopped the timelapse when I had enough.  But I've certainly shot thousands of pics, no issues.

One thing that might be relevant is that I was powering from an external USB battery bank.  If you want to do this, then make sure that:

  • Your battery bank is SPECIFICALLY rated for Power Delivery, at 30 watts minimum


  • Your USB cable is SPECIFICALLY rated for Power Delivery, at 30 watts minimum

A lot of people have problems setting up PD, and I think it's often down these things.

And yes, you do need to keep your camera switched on to shoot a timelapse.  The camera won't switch itself on on schedule.  It won't go to sleep while shooting -- or at least it certainly shouldn't.  Switching it off -- via the on/off switch -- will stop it dead; in fact, that's the only way to stop a timelapse.

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