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R5 Sensor damage and warranty question


So I've got an R5 that is currently with Canon Australia for assesment. They've come back and said that the sensor was damaged by a laser or strong light and isn't covered by warranty, cost to replace the sensor array is over $2,500 AUD.

So went back through the images were the issue originally occured and in the space of a few seconds where I took a 3 shot bracket, panned the camera to the right and zoomed then took another 3 shot bracket, the line appears in the images.

The images in question were taken on an overcast day, indoors (property photography) with no lasers in sight...

From what I've seen of laser damage to senors the dead pixels usually follow the path of the laser. In my case there is a perfectly vertical line from top to bottom of the sensor that has damaged pixels in varying intensity. See pics

Just wanted to see if anyone with a bit of technical insight could chime in and tell me if they are correct or taking the piss?

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Any chance the property you were photographing had a security system?  Laser source/sensor setups are a common security system component, particularly in commercial buildings.


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A sensor replacement is high on the list of a camera owners worst nightmares.  I am very sorry this has happened and what option you've been provided.  If Canon has deemed the failure is not covered, its on you if you want the camera repaired.  Refurb is still $3300, so repair cost is below a new purchase.  If it were me, I'd repair, sell and buy new.  This time add a CarePak.  They truly are worth the money.  Only advice I can offer.  Very sorry.  

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