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R5 - Disable VF in Video but keep it on in Photo mode


I would like to set the camera the following way:

Video mode: Only the Screen is working. Viewfinder will not turn on (and turn off the screen) when having your and close to the Viewfinder sensor.
Photo mode: The Viewfinder turns on just normal when looking through it.

Any ideas what iI am doing wrong in the settings? 

BTW: Found a phantastic way to keep the screen turned Off in Photo mode. But keeping in on in Video mod: Pressing the info button 2 times when in photo mode. The screen is off and only turns on in Video mode and also 🥳 when reviewing an shot image with the play button.

Thank you!


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello SunnyG,

You can specify to use the screen or viewfinder for display, to avoid accidentally activating the eye sensor when the screen is open. This setting is found in the Tools (wrench) menu #3 under Screen/viewfinder display. The best choice for your situation would seem to be Auto 1 or Screen. This can be found on page 787 in the user's manual. I have included a link to the manual HERE, for your reference.

Thank you John for your help. Unfortunately this does not solve my problem. I dont use the screen swung out.
Had a huge shooting day yesterday and it annoyed me so much that every time i touch the screen to change some settings or move the focus point the VF sensor would spot my hand and turn off the screen. It is supposed to be such a customisable camera. Cant believe canon forces me using the menu to switch between screen / VF settings each time i change from video to photo mode......