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Considering EOS M50 as an Upgrade from the EOS 4000D


Let me start off with this. I have been shooting with a Canon 4000D and looking into getting a newer camera! I do a lot of photos, but, looking for something I can also do Car videography.

For the price point around $400-500 I was heavily considering the Canon M50. I know the EF-M lenses are dead and would have to get an adaptor to use my current lenses.

If there any reason why I shouldnt get one? Or another option around that price point I should consider?



It's a bit more costly, but the R-series equivalent of the EOS M50 is the EOS R50.  It would definitely make for a more future-proof investment and something I would thus recommend.

R50 prices (as of this writing on B&H Photo):

  • body only: $679
  • with RF-S 18-45mm lens: $799
  • with RS-S 18-45mm and 55-210mm lenses: $1,029

Canon also just announced the EOS R100 which is less expensive.  Though these can only be pre-ordered currently.  Prices (also from B&H Photo):

  • body only: $479
  • with RF-S 18-45mm lens: $599
  • with RS-S 18-45mm and 55-210mm lenses: $829

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I like Ricky's recommendation.  The M series is a super compact body.  But you will need a body and adapter.  It will be "throw away" money.  At least with an R series body, it's adapter would be something that you could move forward with.   The EF-M > EF only works on a EF-M body and we already know what the future for it is.    

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In all honesty, the M series cameras are pretty much dead and Canon is dropping both body models and lenses form the production line.  Definitely the future lies with the R-series bodies.

If you need to stick to the $400-500 price limit, you might want to consider the new R100, which uses the same sensor and processor as the M50 but has a lot of added features.  You could use your current EF and EF-S lenses with this body too, via and adapter, but it would give you a foothold onto the newer and much more capable R-series platform, with the eventual potential to use RF and RF-S lenses.
See: Introducing the Canon EOS R100 - YouTube  by Canon USA
and: Canon EOS R100 review: best budget mirrorless camera? - YouTube

The price on the Canon site comes in at $480, so it's comparable to getting an M50 price-wise.  If you want so save up a bit more, then look at the Canon EOS R50 that Ricky recommended, which boasts some extra features. 

Worth looking at the site:
Canon Cameras: DSLR, Mirrorless & More | Canon U.S.A, Inc.

cheers, TREVOR

Before you ask us, have you looked in the manual or on the Canon Support Site?
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