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Canon R6 Mark II for Pro Video


Anybody using the new R6 Mark II for video?  I've been very pleased with the image quality overall, and the efficiency of power use compared to the R5 lineup.  It lets me film 4K 10-bit 422 when using C-Log 3, though I do notice a bit of noise in the shadows--and would love to know how this compares to the R5 (which I've used but don't have the footage to carefully test and compare).  The Tascam audio interface works really well with it.  My biggest complaint would be the micro HDMI output.  But I'd love to hear from others on how this is working out for them, and if anyone else has found it to be an alternative to the R5/R5C lineup. It is making a great B cam.

I am hoping there will be continued support and firmware updates for it in a way that improves the video features.