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CPS services confusiotn - R5 and EF 100-400 maintenance or repair


I have an R5 and an EF 100-400 ii lens. I am not getting as sharp a photos as I once did and suspect the lens.  Looking at the CPS webpage, (I am a Gold member) it is unclear to me how to proceed. I want to get the lens checked for AF. I dont' know if I need to send the camera, as well.  On the website it lists Maintenance, but that list does not include focus testing. I find the webpage a bit confusing.

How do I go about getting my lens, maybe camera, evaluated for focus and maybe repair?

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Greetings LaneW,

I can help with this.  What you are looking for is the Canon Precision Alignment Service.

Canon Precision Alignment | Canon U.S.A., Inc.

I recommend sending your camera and lens in for thisYou can send other lenses in too, but know there is a per item charge for each alignment performed.  Use the "Schedule Service" button on the web page.  A device has to be registered first which you have probably already done if you are CPS.  You'll get the 3 day turn around associated with your CPS Gold membership.  

If you have other questions, let us know.

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I would run some very structured tests before I sent the gear in for alignment.  Keep in mind most focus errors and apparent IQ issues are user caused. Not camera/lens.

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