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R3 Autofocus Questions - Seems Stuck in “Auto” Servo


I picked up an R3 (replacing a 5Diii, this is my first canon mirrorless) a few weeks ago and over the last few shooting sessions something weird is going on with servo AF. In the settings, there are a few different cases you can choose. One of them being Auto. This automatically focuses on the focus point, without pressing any AF button. (I use BBF only, shutter half press is metering). It seems like whatever I set the servo setting to it continues to focus automatically on the focal point. As if either I’m holding down AF on, or I have Auto mode set.

Am I being an idiot? I’m contemplating saving my settings to the card. Resetting the camera and seeing if it still does it, but wanted some advice before going through with that.

Thanks for the time!


It may have something to do with "Preview AF", but that is just a guess (I don't have an R3). I have that feature in my R5, where it is called "Continuous AF", but have never used it. Look in AF 3 menu on the R3 to see if this has been enabled, I think it is disabled by default.