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Please HELP


I'm almost new to photographing,need advise...i had before Canon EOS 550D,but camera was stolen so i stop it.and now i'm planing to start again so i bought the CANON EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM LENS,and dont know with body could be good for it,i'm thinking about Canon 5D Mark II Digital 21.1 MP


That is a fine lens and it will work on any Canon digital camera (except the M series). To get the best use of it, you would likely want a full-frame sensor, such as the 5D Mark II you mentioned, or the 5D Mark III, or the 6D. It will still work fine on any cropped-sensor camera, such as the 60D or 70D, but the effective focal length will change to 38-112mm because of the smaller sensor.

Thanks for answer,will start search online good deal for Canon 5D Mark II Digital 21.1 MP, Mark III out of my budget 🙂

@IngusElksnis wrote:
Thanks for answer,will start search online good deal for Canon 5D Mark II Digital 21.1 MP, Mark III out of my budget 🙂

Scotty is right... the 5D II is no longer available as a "new" body (and hasn't been for a while -- you will only be able to find "used" versions).  But in the time since the 5D II, Canon introduced the 6D which is positioned as a mid-level camera body.  Compared to other "full frame" bodies this is designed and priced as an "entry level" full-frame body.  


It has extremely low-noise at high ISO (beating the 5D II and even just fractionally beating the 5D III) and can also focus in lower light conditions then any Canon EOS body currently on the market (so much for "entry level").  It also has built-in GPS and WiFi.


One note of caution on the GPS...  When you go into the menu system and turn on the GPS, the GPS continues to get position fixes EVEN when the camera's main power switch is "off".  Canon did this because if you power off a GPS, it takes several minutes to re-acquire a position fix and they didn't want you to loose position data on any shots you took while it was still working out it's position.  But the downside means that the GPS continues to drain the battery even when the camera is off UNLESS you go back into the menu and turn the GPS feature off before powering down.  You could also just remove the main battery.


A "Body only" version is $1400.


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da


Sorry, for your loss.  That is a very good lens. 


Any Canon 5D Mark II camera that you will find for sale will most likely be a used one.  Personally, I avoid buying used cameras and lenses.  The closest that I come to it is purchasing equipment from the Canon online store's refurbished department. The items come with the same one year warrantees as new gear.


If you still have any EF-S lenses from the previous camera, then be aware that EF-S lenses will not work on a full frame body like the 5D, 6D, or the 1D series of cameras.  You have a very good lens.  Treat it to a good camera, one with a warrantee, be it new or factory refurbished.


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I would buy a 6d rather than an old 5dmk.2. The sensor is newer and better. The AF is about the same but the 6d has the most sensitive center AF point in the Canon lineup, sensitive down to -3 EV.  The body is mostly metal.  There is some weather resistance.  



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Going with Scott and Tim on their advice.

The used market for a Canon EOS 5D MkII Digital SLR Camera is from $900 to $1400 approx.  A brand new 6D is about $1400 I believe, maybe a little less.


However, taking the entire package as a whole, the 6D is not a 5 series.  Not in a long way!  You already bought a used "CANON EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM LENS" ?  This is version 1 ?  It would be a great match to the 5D MkII. I bet if you check out KEH they will have a boat load of 5D Mk II's.  They will come with a small warranty.  BTW, you might check Canon services about the 5D Mk II.  They may not service it anymore.  You might ask them first, if that is important to you.


IMHO, buying Canon L glass is a great idea.  It is so good and tough, it generally out lasts one owner.  Maybe two or three!

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