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Pixel TW-283 and the EOS 7D


I have the EOS 7D. When I use the non-wireless Pixel RC-201 and hold down the trigger button, I can take a picture with the LCD screen on in live shoot mode (the same as if I use the trigger on the camera). When I use the TW-283, wired or wireless, if the vive shoot LCD is on, I cannot take a picture. I can only take a picture by pressing start, which turns off the LCD, and then take pictures, but only with the ability to gauge the aim through the view finder.

It is not a huge deal, but is there any way to use the TW-283 with the LCD on?



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It would probably be better to ask this question of Pixel.

Canon makes an inexpensive infrared remote-control RC-6 that I believe will do what you want.

Something that I just thought of, do you have the shooting mode set to the 2 second timer setting? That setting also works for remote control shooting with a Canon wireless remote, so it might help your situation.


I will ask Pixel, but I thought others here might know the answer. I have the infrared, but that is really for short distance from in front of the camera. It would work, however. I can use the RC-201 in a circumstance where I want to see the LCD, but it just makes the TW-283 a little less versatile.

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