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70D user considering to buy a new R8.


Inspired on a post that I just saw and hoping it doesn't look as a repost or spam I want you guys to help me decide. I've been into photography using a 70D for 3 years now and currently have the 50mm 1.8, Rokinon 14mm 2.8, and a 55-250 that will not work on full frame. Mostly shoot birds, astrophotography, landscape and portraits. Right now I'm going on a trip to Iceland and Europe for a couple of months, my budget is tight but I could squeeze max 2000cad /1500usd for a new body. You guys think it's worth it? What other good options do I have? Can't get online or used since my flight departs tomorrow night, I know, should've thought about this sooner.



I would not purchase something since it’s literally the day before you travel. You would need more time to set things up and get familiar with a new camera body. 


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Please help us understand what is missing or lacking in your 70D and existing lenses?  I don't believe making a hasty camera purchase is a good idea.  

Moving from APS-C to full frame can present new considerations.  Are you going to buy a new lens or lenses?  The lenses you own now are good for landscapes and portraits, but are on the short side for wildlife photography.  In addition to the body, you should also include a budget for a Canon EF to RF adapter, at least 1 additional battery and 2 or more new memory cards, UHS-II.  Ultimately, you are going to want a new zoom lens, one that can replace the focal length of your current EF-S 55-250.  Its a great kit lens, but is not going to work well with a full frame body.  The results will not be desirable as you noted.  I have the Rokinon as well.  It and the 50mm should work fine on the R8.  You may have issues with video and the Rokinon.  I just think you will miss the reach of the 55-250 until it can be replaced.  

I'm not trying to talk you out of the R8.  Its considerably more feature rich than the 70D.  I just want you to consider the other factors that will contribute to the experience and purchase.  

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I would look at some reviews on youtube..i think if you saved a lil more money you could get something better in my opinion 


Do not buy a camera on your trip outside the US.  Canon USA will not honor the warranty on products purchased outside of their customer market.  

I believe that works both ways, too.  If you buy a camera in Europe, then you may encounter issues trying register it for a warranty with a US address.

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