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Odd Patterns in Image - My Camera on LSD

Not the best shot of a Mallard drake, but I kept this image because of the crazy patterns. I'm not sure what all had to come into play for this to happen, but I can speculate. This effect was only in a few of the 200+ shots I took at this lake. The water looked normal to my eyes, the sky was clear and blue, and there was nothing close by, like buildings, trees, etc., to cast a reflection. There was, however, a large number of sea gulls buzzing around. Light sometimes does crazy things and I just wanted to share this.

** I forgot to add that this was lightly edited in DPP and converted to jpg from Raw. This is basically the way it came from the camera**

EOS R5, RF 100-500mm L, f/11, 1/800th, ISO 800.

Mallard MAL-01Sb.jpg

Tighter Crop of Patterns.

Mallard MAL Patterns-01a.JPG





At 1/800s you for all intents have frozen the water into a very odd solid shape caused by the various waves interfering with each other. The odd shapes the waves on the water create is in turn causing odd reflections. I don't think it is a camera problem. It's more of a physics experiment.


Hello. From your pics that looks like a corrupted memory card. Has the card been formatted in camera? I would first try another card .Has this happened anywhere else? If you're not using a filter in bright sunlight in water you could get reflections, but I think that's a corrupted memory card. Let us know what happens. -Mike in FL 

For the record, I had posted this in "General Discussion" (but it was moved by admins) because I just wanted to share the photo, not to ask if I have camera problems, my bad for not being more clear. There is no problem with the camera and as I mentioned "Light sometimes does crazy things", and unclejace54 called it. My angle to the sun and subject and the very disturbed water surface made this possible. There was a man throwing bread to the birds and the gulls were dipping into the water which created ripples that were coming from various angles.

Thanks for the comments and replies.