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Not showing power.


Hello! I have a Canon EOS Rebel t7 DSLR. I charge it for hours on end, and usually it works for a good amount of time, but it always only shows the blinking thing. I never know how much power it has left. Please help.



Do you mean the battery icon is blinking?


Is it a Canon battery or third party?

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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Time for a new Canon Battery.

"Time for a new Canon Battery."


Yes it is and make sure you buy a 'real' Canon battery.  Buy it from a known good retailer.  Amazon is not the best place to get it, BTW.  They have too many third place retailers that have less than stellar reputations.

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And to add further to Ernie's caution:  Amazon "blends" the product reviews togeher for what they feel are similar products under multiple different products so often a great rating isn't even for the specific product that you want to buy. 


A few months ago I was trying to use Amazon reviews to choose between some competing aluminum monopods and found reviews including:  "the carbon fiber had a crack in it" and "the legs don't spread out far enough" and "this tripod was very stable even in high wind".  Clearly none of those three were reviews for an aluminum monopod and likely many more weren't either but they were not as obvious and there are often fake reviews along with compensated reviews (free product).


At least the fake reviews on B&H are obvious and humorous like this review for the 35 pound Sigma 200-500 F2.8 telephoto zoom:


"Compared to my 1200mm Canon f/8 this is nearly compact... pocket sized even. It's a joy as the ultimate walk around lens that everyone desires. I especially like using it for intimate events like births where discretion is key. And it zooms in real close! It's a bit heavy though, kinda pulls my pants down."


I have far more faith in buying from ebay (where the seller ratings are clearly for that seller and nothing/nobody else) compared to Amazon.



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Thanks. I will try that, and let you guys know if it worked.

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