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No red focus confirmation light on my 3 month old 60D. Checked customs functions, HELP


Hi guys. Title pretty much says it all. Picked my 60D up today and noticed that it will focus (I get the beep), but no focus confirmation (the red square) through the viewfinder. I have tripled checked all settings, cleared custom functions, made sure my CfN III was set to 0 or ON. I'm in one shot mode, using autofocus. PLEASE HELP! Is there a such thing as AF-OFF? I saw this mentioned elsewhere but not on my 60D menus. The photos seem sharp and in focus, just no confirmation for me on the viewfinder. Any advice??



It sounds like you've hit all the major things to check:


In AI Servo mode the AF point will never flash to confirm a focus lock like it will in One Shot mode -- AI Servo mode is continuously focusing.


C Fn. III -3 (Superimposed Display) needs to be set to '0' (on) which is the default.


The beep and the red-light are normally tied together (unless you disable the beeping).  If you get a beep, the selected AF point will normally flash at the same time.  e.g. if you were in "AI Servo" mode (instead of "One Shot" mode) then you would not get an audible beep or the red AF point flash to indicate which point is focused.  The fact that you get the beep indicates you are in the right mode and it's confirming... but you should ALSO get the red flash unless you disabled it via C Fn. III -3 set to 1.  


You could try clearing all custom functions and resetting the camera back to factory default state, but if that doesn't work, I suspect it needs service.



Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da