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New to Canon EOS R5, accidentaly shutdown LCD screen...


Just traded in my Canon 5D Mark IV yesterday for my new R5. Later in the day, as I was exploring the Menu tabs and pages, I somehow selected an option that turned off the LCD screen.

No amount of button pushing, including Menu button has restored the screen. The manual is not much help, as I am not sure what I engaged or disabled, I have no way to look up that particular function.

Spent some time on the Web but for the same reasons mentioned above, I cannot form a useful search that leads to an answer.

In less than a day and I managed to disable the camera, I'm off to a great start!

Thanks in advance.


@WideAspect wrote:

I'm glad there is an another option for viewing but I'm not sure how that solves the issue of the LCD being inactive and that I am now unable, with my current limited knowledge, to bring the LCD back to life.

Press the menu button while looking through the Viewfinder (EVF). You will have to use the Viewfinder display to navigate to the Wrench 3 menu item. See page 787 of your advanced users manual. You can then set things up so your rear display will function as you want.

R5 Screen Selection-1.jpg


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Whew, that fixed it. Did not know that you could hold the Menu button down and see it in EVF. LCD has been restored.

Also, thanks to johnrmoyer, for his reply

I knew what to do after I could see the menu.

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Can you believe I had to come back here?

Did it again and forgot how to undo it again.

Thanks again. 🙂

@WideAspect wrote:

Can you believe I had to come back here?

Did it again and forgot how to undo it again.

Thanks again. 🙂.

LOL! I do that, especially if it's a "one-n-done" type thing. I end up having to dig around in some document to see how I did it in the first place 😁


This is what I did, reading your answer, I realize that I made a choice in the screen that shut it off.

The conundrum is, without the screen (menus, tabe & pages) how do I change it back? Right, now the screen is black, this makes the screen unavailable.

is there a button or wheel that allows me to return the screen?


Try removing the battery and cycle the power button a few times.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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That one does not work.