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Any tips for fixing a EOS 600D camera that’s been wet by rain?


I needed some tips on fixing my camera by myself, since I am traveling around Latin America and can’t find a reliable place to get my camera fixed in Bolivia where I am currently at. I’ve been using Cannon EOS 600D and while I was trekking to Machu Picchu, it was soaked in rain. It worked fine for while but then after a one or two hours, it wouldn’t turn on and only would make blipping noise when turned on. I’ve tried drying it for few days and it still would make merely the noises when I switch it on and push random buttons to see if it would work. It’s been a week now and I just can’t find a way to fix it. Is there any appliances or products that I should use to dry my camera fully? Or what other ways would there be to repair it and use as how it was?

Also, if anyone knows a good place to fix my camera in La Paz, Bolivia, please let me know the place and the quote for the repair!

Thanks in advance!!




I'm sorry your visit to macchu picchu ended with the loss of your camera.  The cost to repair will exceed the value of the camera. At 13 yrs old, it's probably best if you accept that it's gone.  Don't be discouraged,  look at this as an opportunity to upgrade.  Time for the next adventure.  

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