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New 70d top LCD screen fading in and out


I bought a 70d about two weeks ago, and last night I noticed that the top LCD screen was appearing to go out. Meaning, the individual "bars" (for lack of a better term) that make up each letter and number were intermittantly on or off. So, for a letter "0" that might normally be represented by 6 pixel/bars, five of them would be out. Half of the battery pixels were out. 

I immediately assumed the battery was dead, so I charged it, and when I plugged in the fully charged battery, I noticed I had the same problem. When I went to the battery menu on the main menu, it did appear fully charged, but I still noted that every charactor on the top LCD screen was missing parts on the display. The camera still appears to function normally, with the exception of the top LCD sreen, and the viewfinder information screen. The screen in the bottom of the viewfinder does the same thing.


Any ideas on what is causing this, or should I just return this to the shop for an exchange? I'd really hate for them to send it off and leave me with a refurb to replace a two week old camera.





Hi ark03!


Thanks for posting.


The pixels on the top LCD should not be fading in and out, even when the battery is low.  At this point, the camera will need to be serviced.  If you would prefer, you may contact the dealer to explore any exchange options you may have, but our Factory Service Centers are more than happy to correct this for you.


To start the repair process, you'll need to complete a Repair Request on our website.



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