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My camera Canon 5D Classic or Mark I doesn't turn on. :(


Hello I am Samuel leaving in Haiti. I am a newbie but a really close to a pro because i am giving my all to photography.

unfortunately my camera "Canon 5D Classic or mark I" stop working this morning. can't keep my tears guys cause it cost me a lot of money and i just have it for 5 months. (of course it was not new). 


Only the LCD screen on the top works but the light doesnt turn on.


Could someone help me to understand the issue? help me know if its something that i can fix?


Help any advice is welcome because i still can't keep my tears.


PS: I am doing photo just for fun, not for money. 


action taken:  wanna also let you know that I removed the batt for the night, the memory card, removed the lens, i do anything related to a simple troubleshoot. 

PS: it doesnt have the small memory batt at all. 


BP511/BP511A are very common battery for older Canon cameras. I used them on my 30D 40D 5D etc. Check local classified for it.

@alcesamuelpaul wrote:

...It seems that it was really an issue related the flat back up batt. You where really helpful to me guys. Many thanks to all of you who have shared ideas about my Camera issue. 


Thanks once again.



Also make sure that you reset the calendar and clock. I've seen it mentioned that if you don't there can be some issues with some camera operations.


Just a quick update. I sent the camera to repair and they said the board was fried. I'm waiting for them to put a new one.

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