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My T4i fell! Help!!!

Hi all,

During a video shoot as a second camera (B Cam) this weekend, my camera fell 3' on to a concrete floor! My heart sank as I watched the cable that was attached to the microphone boom got caught in the directors foot and pulled off the ledge it was sitting on! (No I didn't put it on the ledge, one of the other guys at the shoot did as I helped adjust one of the lights because I would have placed it on the ground) The camera was attached to a beachtec audio mixer (connected to the tripod screw on the bottom of the battery grip). When we picked it up it had some scuff marks on the body and the lens hood of my 24-105 had some scratches too. No cracks or any other issues we could immediately see. We finished the shoot outside and went inside to shoot the rest of what we were filming. I checked the auto focus, the lens for issues etc. etc. and have seen no problems optically. In fact I used the camera to take photos at a christening this afternoon and saw no problems.

However I am still concerned that there may be something wrong. Some of the video we recorded last night had some issues... We are not sure if it is from the camera or if we were having other problems with the rental equipment. It appears that when recording, every time the red light would blink for the memory card we would pick up a "shshshshsh" sound? And that during other parts of the audio we were picking up a "rdlrdlrdlrdlrdl" kind of sound. Because the audio mixer attached was the same one that fell we are not sure if there is any internal damage to the camera or if it was the mixer it self. We changed the cables to everything but the sound didn't go away. However, when I connect my sennheiser mic it didn't seem to be as bad, but something still seems to be there.

My question is what should I do? Is it worth sending it in to have the lens and camera body looked at? Am I just being paranoid because it fell? What kind of internal damage could have occurred that may cause an audio problem like the one described above? What should I look for with the lens? Are there any tell tale signs of a significant problem that I should check for. I feel like absolute crap right now as I just love this camera as it is my first one since moving to DSLR photography.

Thanks for any help you can give... If I can figure a way to post the video with the audio issue I will try to do so as soon as possible.