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Movie Settings for T5i


Hi Everyone,


I just purchased my T5i and have some questions about setting up the movie mode.


After setting up the camera to shoot stills in manual mode, I switched the "On...Off" lever to movie mode and then began going through the settings screens.  I noticed right away that it was showing the same settings for shootings in manual mode that I had just selected such as RAW which doesn't make sense to me as I understand that this camera does not shoot in RAW in movie mode unless you ulilize Magic Lantern.  It seems to me that if a feature, etc. cannot be used in a certain mode it either shouldn't show it as available or it should be grayed out.  


I am wanting to set up the T5i for video in the "neutral" picture profile mode so I can turn down the contrast and sharpness to zero in order to help with the dynamic range and then adjust the video in post production.  Since I have already made those settings in manual mode in general, does this then also work for movie mode?  I do understand that when you choose RAW for stills it overrides any picture profile settings, but since you cannot shoot in RAW on the T5i, does the movie setting for picture profile override the RAW setting or does the movie mode in the T5i just automatically ignore the RAW setting?


I hope that I explained this so that it makes sense and I appreciate any input.




What does the Instruction Manual say about all this?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

I read it and it was pretty vague, but after 387 pages I may have missed it. 


I read it and it was pretty vague, but after 387 pages I may have missed it. 

If you download the online (PDF) version, you can search it for specific phrases.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

I have done that too and am now going back through it all again looking for the answer.

You most certainly can shoot in Raw on the T5i.

hey guys! 


The OP was commenting about RAW movie mode. Only our Cinema line can shoot in RAW movie mode.


All of our EOS models can take RAW photos, however.


Changing your photo quality to RAW and having a Neutral picture style will make any photos you're shooting "tagged" with the neutral picture syle, but they'll still be RAW. Your video should have the flat, neutral look to them for the most latitude in your post processing, unless you're shooting in the green AUTO (A+) mode on the top dial. 


If you're shooting in a "Creative Zone" (P, Tv, Av, M), and your camera is still negating your picture style, we suggest reaching out to our friendly support team for some troubleshooting. Our team is available weekdays from 8am to Midnight (ET) and Saturdays from 10am to 8pm (ET) at 1-800-OK-CANON (800-652-2666).

Thanks for the info Moderator.  


I have watched a lot of tutorials on YouTube by recognized videographers and they all said that the T5i can't shoot videos in RAW so thanks for conforming that.  Still, it seems to me that if this camera will not allow you to do that in video than the menu selections when you are in that mode should not show it.  


I do have a question for you that arose just last night from another YouTube tutorial that I watched.  This video creator said that the picture styles are only available to you in post production when you are using Canon post production software.  I use Corel Photo Shop Pro for stills and Cyberlink PowerDirector and DaVinci Resolve post production software for video production.  So will the neutral setting for video be a part of this video when it appears in these programs?


Thanks again for your help.

Hi Vanon66!


Great question! You'll want to talk to support about that. They have the gear and a handful of video editing suites, and might be able to confirm whether or not the picture styles are there, or let you know of a workaround. 


Again, our team is at 1-800-OK-CANON (800-652-2666). They're available weekdays from 8am to Midnight (ET) and Saturdays from 10am to 8pm (ET).


Support at Canon USA is always free and right here in the US!



Thanks for the referral.  I will be in contact with them if I have any issues.