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M50 audio not working with mic in (Boya Lavalier). Ttrrs or trs needed??


hi all I have a new M50 and have a lot of problems with the audio.

the built-in audio is absolutely Dreadful and doesn't pick up my voice if I get further than 1.5 ft away.

I want to use my boy a lavalier microphone I have seen people on YouTube doing this and I am having problems with the audio working when in record mode for video.

no problem finding the mic level settings and getting that done correctly and the voice levels are showing with mic in and testing. However when I go to record the camera is still using the internal microphone and it is horrible!

this lavalier microphone has the adapter that has the three rings ( trrs 3.5mm )

I have watched the videos that say it needs the two rings ( trs 3.5mm ) but I'm not sure and I'm wondering if anybody has a heads up on how to get this to work?

Without decent audio it is going to have to go back and I would rather keep it.


Thanks for your help!


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