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Lower Case File Names on 5D iii?


Can I modify the filing naming on the 5D iii so that it is all lower case rather than uppercase? If that's not possible, it is at least possible to change the extension from JPG to jpg?



Hi homeboy!


Thanks for the post!


The file name on the EOS 5D Mark III has four alphanumeric characters followed by a four-digit image number and extension.  The first four characters are set upon factory shipment and unique to the camera. 


However, you can change them.  With [USER SETTING 1], you can change and register the four characters as desired.  With [USER SETTING 2], if you register three characters, the fourth character from the left will be appended automatically to indicate the image size.  Please follow these steps to access these settings:

  1. Press the MENU button
  2. Select the [Tools #1] tab.
  3. Select [File Name].
  4. Select [Change User Setting 1] or [Change User Setting 2].

Enter any alphanumeric characters.


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Thanks, but this doesn't address my issue. The question isn't how to change the naming procedure. It's lower case vs. upper case letters.