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Canon7D can not recognize battery information, how to fix it without sending it back to canon?


Canon 7D,  only used few times with extra care.  After few months in the bag not using it and then took the original OEM battery out for recharge.  Then put it back and have a message: "... can not recognize battery information..."  Updated the newest firmware and message still there.  No way to say this was not a bug of Canon quality or design defect!  And many many same issue post on web since 2009!  Why Canon does not recall it to fix their reputation?  Please help!



Hi Geoge!


Thank you for posting!


This may be caused by poor electrical contact between the camera and the battery.  Try cleaning any electrical contacts on the battery and inside the battery compartment with a soft microfiber cleaning cloth.


If this is a time sensitive-matter, additional support options are available at Contact Us.

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Dear Mike,

Thanks for reply.  I have tried to clean up with Q-tip and not worked out.  Also, updated firmware was not changing this issue.

I worked as a QC manager for more than 20 years and pretty sure this is a small circuit board soldering bad quality/bad contact issue.  Please advise how can poor users could fix this mfg issue without paying expensive $230 + shipping. 

P.S.. If you could go to Google and type in canon 7D can not communicate with battery, then you would found out so many users have exact the same issue and how much they suffered and no hope.  Canon's quality issue, for sure. 

Why not to offer free  repair on this well known issue?  At least for canon's reputation alone.