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Lost the LCD info display on the 7D


I have lost the info display on the rear LCD of the Canon 7D. When I turn the camera on, nothing displays on the LCD, the screen is black. Before when I turned the camera on, it gave me basic information regarding settings, battery life, number of shots available. I no longer have that information. I am not sure if I turned something off somewhere, but I can't seem to get this information back again. I know there are settings on the top LCD, but I would like to see them on the back LCD also.  Is there any way I can get this screen to appear again?


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Does Live View work? If neither Live View or cycling through the Info button does nothing, then you probably have a dead rear display. (Don't forget, one of the Info button cycles is an off rear display.)

Pretty sure you just need to push the info button.

Also you can try to press the Q button to bring back the Quick Control screen if your LCD is not damaged.
On the 7D, if you turn off your camera while the "shooting settings display" screen in active, when you turn your camera back on you'll get the same screen. But if you press <INFO> button to clear those screen, and turn off your camera, then you will NOT get the quick screen when it's on again. Just press <Q> to bring it back.
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Thank you. This was it. I have the display back again when I turn the camera on. 

Just hit the info button 3 times and the display will go back again.

how is it possible bro help me

Hello nithinprince012,


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To have a better understanding of your issue, please let everyone know what model camera you are using. I would also provide any relevant details about the problem, such as what happens when you press the INFO button. After pressing the INFO button, does the information displayed on the camera's rear LCD change?


This community is designed for your fellow Canon owners to help each other out with any problems they may encounter. We do hope someone is able to assist! However, if this is a time-sensitive matter, our US-based technical support team is standing by, ready to help via Email at


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I have the Canon EOS 7D as well and this happened to me today!! What finally worked? I pressed Q button then shut off camera…didn’t help. Pressed Info button… nothing. If I press Q I can see stuff in the screen but not the info that displays settings.
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