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Losing my mind trying to set up external Live View monitor for Rebel T7


Okay, I have the Rebel T7 and what I'm trying to do is set it up on a tripod, hooked to a remote control shutter release and then project the camera's Live View feed onto an external monitor of some sort. Not for video, for photography.

The shutter release remote I have is a wired receiver with a wireless RFID remote transmitter and that works fine. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to get an external monitor working though. I have a microHDMI to HDMI cord that I've plugged into all manner of devices trying to get it to work: my phone with endoscope apps, my laptop with the EOS Utility software, and even just some monitors I have. I can't get it to do anything and I'm getting close to want to bang my head into a wall over it, I've watched pretty much every tutorial out there. Maybe there's a setting that needs to be switched on the camera itself or something? I haven't seen it mentioned in any tutorials if so. Does anyone know how to help me accomplish this?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Geetings freza0,

Please use a cord which has a mini-HDMI connection on one end since we show that you've listed the cord as being a micro-HDMI cord. For clarification, the camera can display a signal through the HDMI terminal but wouldn't work with the EOS Utility software where this software only allows a USB connection from the camera.

The HDMI terminal on the EOS Rebel T7 camera has been designed for playing back still photos and movies on a TV set and there is no guarantee a live signal will be provided when connected to an external monitor. For using the HDMI terminal on the camera, please disable the WiFi/NFC function of the camera prior to connecting the cord to the camera. Leaving it enabled may prevent the camera from providing a signal through the HDMI terminal.