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Livestreaming a 5D mk3 (via ProPresenter software or similar)


Hi there

I working at a recital in a church I want to use my trusty 5D mk3 to provide a "video feed" back to the church's ProPresenter" software. (It's seems to be an accepted standard for many churches who are creating audiovisuals / live streaming etc.)

Any thoughts on how to set up the 5D to work as a "video camera" in this way please?

We want to video the musicians in say 4 minute segments AND simultaneously project them onto one of the church's wall mounted presentation screens via a projector.

I'm a little concerned that 5D might do some random "time outs" on me tbh, so if there is a way to avoid this too, I'm all ears!!

Many thanks in advance








Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello EdwardJohnallen,

You can use the HDMI out terminal for your live streaming. You would need an HDMI capture card on your computer however. The manual talks about this on page 245. I have attached a link to the manual HERE for your reference. You would definitely want to disable the Auto power off feature on the camera to keep it from shutting down on you. We do have an option for using a USB connection as well. It's called Canon EOS Webcam Utility. There's a free version and a paid version which adds more features and options. I have included a link to our webpage for that software HERE.