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Beginner looking for some camera selection advice.


Hello all,

My apologies if this question is redundant, I was just hoping to utilize the wealth of knowledge on these forums to point me in the right direction.

I am looking to invest in a camera, specifically for content creation (a shocker I know, but hey it's 2024). My husband is a chef and we would like to begin photographing his creations for use online (Instagram & blog), as well as potentially in print (self-published recipe book) and maybe along the way, some video content for Instagram reels and TikTok. So I guess we are looking for:

- landscape/portrait professional quality photos of food (home kitchen with not the best natural light)

- portrait vlogging capabilities

- budget around $1,000 but this is flexible. I dont want to waste $1,000 if I will need to upgrade in the near future. I would rather invest more now knowing that it will serve me for a decent amount of time.

Another note is that I have a spinal cord injury and use a wheelchair, so I cannot stand and have no use of my core. I have owned a Nikon DSLR in the past and managed it quite well but its obviously not very easy for me to capture things at different heights or angles as I am shooting from my chair. So I guess I would just like to make sure that the camera I choose is compatible with a range of accessories that I could access to help improve the ways in which I am able to use the camera - tripods, gimbals etc. 

Again, Im sorry if this is such a redundant question, I just dont want a salesperson to talk me into something that is better for them than me, I wanted some advice I could trust!


Thank you all so much.





This isn't a recommendation as much as it is a suggestion. You might look at the Canon R10 with a Content Creator kit. You can check it out here:

Steve Thomas


Is weight a concern?


You can get a remote monitor, shutter release and monopod to change angles and heights while still seeing the image. You can also use the Phone App to see the image and take it.