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Images become reddish when coverted by CR2 converter


Camera : Canon EOS Rebel T6s

Files      : RAW CR2 converted to Jpeg

Converter : CR2 converter

Problem :

CR2 files are downloaded from camera to PC, Windows 10 home 64b. 1909.

All images look normal in DPP.

But all the images appear reddish when converted to Jpeg by CR2 converter.


Please help to solve this issue.


Thank you.





What do you mean by "CR2 Converter"? Is this a separate program or from DPP?

Thank you, Kvbarkley.

CR2 Converter is an independent app, not included in DPP.

I usually download the CR2 files from camera to PC & convert then to Jpeg image. Then I'll view the images with Windows Photo in large format.  Easy for me to save the good ones and delete the not so good one because all the images are viewed in size of full screen, 22 inches.

Again, thank you.


Who makes this CR2 Converter? You should take it up with them. If it is from Canon, where did you get it?


The CR2 converter I have downloaded and installed 2 times is downloaded from the site as the link hereunder:

Then you will have to take it up with them. At least you got what you paid for. Frankly, I think you would be better off with something else that gives you more control. Why not save it directly from DPP? I think you can even batch it.

"I usually download the CR2 files from camera to PC & convert then to Jpeg image Then I'll view the images with Windows Photo in large format."


If this is the extant of your routine there is no reason to use Raw CR2 format.  The only advantage to folks that shoot Raw or CR2 is the ability to post edit.  Actually a jpg right out of the camera can be as sharp or sharper than a Raw. In your case just jpg to begin with.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

Thank you, Ebiggs1.


Usually, each of my shooting trip brings home any numbers of RAW file from 50 to a hundred shots.

The reason that I first view all the images in Jpeg format is to select only the good images for post editing in PS.


Again, thank you.



I have the same question as kvbarkley has. Canon has a software named CR2 converter, but that is for Canon EOS D2000 and its TIF raw files.


If you use DPP, which version do you use? Latest is 4.12 or

Thank you, Peter.

This is the second time I use CR2 converter.

Second time, not a second "time" but a second computer.

I have two desktop computers on my workbench, same brand & same model.

One (A) is used for photo editing and music, the other (B) is for general uses.

CR2 had been running on A for many years, no any issues.

A was deadlocked by Windows thee days ago, so, I used B for my photo editing.

CR2 was downloaded from the same source & installed on B the next day.

The app performed as smoothly on B as it was on A, but the reddish images.


Again, thank you.



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