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Image size with SL1




We just got an SL1 and it seems like the images are much wider than they are high, so wide that they look funny. When you take a vertical picture, the image looks very tall and skinny when viewed on the computer. We have it set to the 18mp high quality setting and the pixels match what the camera says, but it doesn't look right on any screen. 


When I resize regular landscape images for my blog to 2000px wide, the height is only 1333px.


Typically when I resize them (on my old point and shoot) they would be 2000px x 1500px. 167 pixels is a lot once you get down to uploading lanscape images to places like pinterest.


This narrow appearance also makes pictures look funny when uploaded anywhere to the web, like facebook or craigslist. 


Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated. 


See image below, extra tall and skinny....









You may have changed the aspect ratio to 16:9. Reset it to original 3:2. Check your manual page 162.

Online manual can be found here:

Weekend Travelers Blog | Eastern Sierra Fall Color Guide

Or go to MENU then choose the 4th option (a camera symbol) where all of your LiveView options are. Near the bottom, you'll see ASPECT RATIO, change it to 3:2
Available option for your camera are: 3:2, 4:3, 16:9 and 1:1. Yours is currently at 16:9
Weekend Travelers Blog | Eastern Sierra Fall Color Guide

Also note that according to you your old camera was shooting in the 4:3 ratio (2000 X 1500)
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Thank you for your help. The aspect ratio was set to 3:2. I changed it to 4:3 to achieve the desired results!


Much appreciated for your fast responses also. Thank you!!



How about resizing images with the help of some 3rd party toolkits?