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I wanted to buy a new Canon EOS 7D mark ii, but my computer's OS is Windows Vista x64.


Will the Canon software install? I think it is the Canon EOS digital solution disk Ver 29.1.


"I can't imagine why you're having trouble with customer service.'


Me neither




"A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought."

It seems like such bad form for a technical support person to be continually asking the same questions over and over. Then when you get transferred to the next person in the chain, they ask the same questions over and over. My answers stay the same, over and over, although they get shortened a bit once I've pronounced them or typed them for the ninth time.


I wonder if they keep asking because they forgot the first answer, or maybe they are just hoping for a different answer.


Canon does not seem to have that problem. Thank Heavens.

I don't want to be the unpaid quality control department for Dell Computers. I'll just handle the problem myself.


By the way, that will be the last Dell computer that I buy.

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