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Newbie in need


My name is Kai and I have a 70d and I have this about a year and it is great.I have been shooting since highscool and love it.I became a portrait photographer for a while however, I got bored being in one place so I started to do event photography and that was better,back then I use a minolta x 700 for a long time then I stop and went in to music,and i'm doing that today,and that put me back into shooting because they work hand and hand so after research it put me in front of a 70d and im please. I do have one hiccup when I video, it will record but when i'm finish I have multiple clips instead of one,how to rectify this senario/ Thank you.



I'm guessing that you're going over the 4 gB size limit on file size and the camera is automatically splitting up the files so you can keep recording.  Older cameras weren't able to do this.  The 4 gb limit is because of the file system used (FAT 32) and cannot be changed.  You'll have to combine them in post, or use a lower res setting to get longer clips (but the camera itself will stop the recording at 30 minutes, for other reasons).

Also, I think each time you stop & start recording that creates a new clip (at least my other cameras do this, so I'm guessing the 70D will do it as well.)


What software are you using to process the video?  I ask, because the software I typically use (Final Cut Pro X) is a bit easier to work with because they're a bunch of separate clips.



Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

Well once i shoot it does not show that it made more than one clip mean this did not happen before ao im thinking im in the wrong setting and i also use final cut x

What are the sizes of the files?  I suppose there could be a setting where you could change the max file size to something smaller, though I hardly see the benefit.  Did you change the video recording settings?  Resolution settings will affect how long you can record before hitting the 4 gB limit.  At full HD I think you'll only get 4 -5 minutes before it'll have to make a new file.  It's possible you were recording at a low resolution previously then upped it to HD, which is why you're now getting multiple files.