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canon 5d3 turns into deathbed wishlist


I'm really blown away that the extremely heartfelt post i wrote last night was deleted by some bleeping moderator. 


Typing in forum rules in the search box gives nothing in reply about whether or not you can put in that you're selling your gear and i'm guessing that there's some unwritten rule that you can't but i'll know for sure if some schmuck deletes this post as well. then kudos to you for successfully being a bleeping bleep.


I tried reaching out with thanks to give everyone a heads up that they have a great chance to pick up all of my videography supplies but NOOOOO someone wanted to just erase the post that took me over an hour to type out.



my dad's dieing, i'm selling all my camera stuff on ebay so that i can cover my mortgage and his wishlist over the next two months or so before his cancer takes him from my family,


I'm going to be listing about $9,000 worth of 5d3 supplies on ebay with the key in it SMCFDD (selling my camera for dad's dreams)  so that he and i can do everything he's ever wanted to do but didnt have the chance.


Im guessing this wont get out to anybody before some screwup feels like ruining my day two times in a row by deleting this post as well without giving me the common courtesy of emailing me telling me why he deleted it in the first place but if just one person out there reads this message and can spread the word that in itself would be wonderful.


selling an atomos ninja 2 with hdd and extra bay slot in case, a 5d3 with less than 1400 actuations, a glidecan 2000, a konova k2 slider, manfrotto video head, graphite sticks from sirui, a pile of lenses, a pile of batteries, memory cards, carryspeed viewfinder vf4, rode video mic pro, a kessler pocket jib traveler... etc.


Thanks to the whole community for helping me in the past learn how to use this camera, and to the schmuck who deleted my post, EMAIL ME NEXT TIME instead of just deleting it without notifying me or at least make a set of forum rules that stands out and can at the least be searched for by typing in "Rules" or "Forum Rules"


everyone else, God bless you




Be proud of your work and you will always find someone who appreciates it more than you do.


Hello ReviewFever,


Thanks for your response.


We wanted to point out that the Forum Guidelines are at the top right corner of every single page of the Canon Community Forums, however for your convenience a direct link can be found here: CLICK ME


For further clarification, the part of the Forum Guidelines that says that you cannot sell things (which is considered solicitation) on the Canon Community Forums is not unwritten. It is clearly stated in the "Participation" section under the heading that reads "We may remove any posts that contain..." Feel free to CLICK HERE to read that section.


We hope that helps clarify things a little better for you.


Have a great day!

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