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I don't seem to have a pictures styles menu for EOS Rebel T7i


I went on vacation recently and took a ton of photos (I am a basic user, not advanced at all) and my son's iphone captured more color in the photos than my $1k camera.  I was looking online and everything tells me to edit the color saturation on the pictures styles menu, but I don't have one.  I have an EOS Rebel T7i and when I go into a shooting mode like landscape and press Q, my only options are to adjust brightness and to set as a single shot/timer.  Same for other shooting modes.  When I do the menu and go to the wrench menu, there is no pictures styles option.  When I do shooting setting from menu, I only have one menu, not 2 (some places online said to go to the 2nd shooting settings menu) and none are pictures styles.  Why don't I have this option?


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You need to put the camera in a non-basic shooting mode such as P M Av Tv to gain access to the additional menu items. The automatic shooting modes such as A+ Landscape etc., don't use the picture style settings.


Have you downloaded a copy of the User Guide and Canon’s free software, yet?  The camera has two sets of shooting modes, Basic Mode and Creative Mode, with variations within each type of mode.  

The Basis shooting modes are a set of automatic shooting modes configured for a handful of different shooting scenarios.  Some examples are Sports, Landscape, and Macro.  The Basic shooting modes pre-select most camera settings for you, while allowing you access to change just a few.  One of the pre-selected settings is or must be Picture Style.

The Creative Shooting modes are P, Tv, Av, and M.  Any of these modes will display the full set of menu options, including Picture Style.  I suggest that you use the P shooting mode as you familiarize yourself with how DSLR cameras work.  Note, learning the basics of photography is a separate learning curve.  I would compare it to learning music theory as you learn to play a piano.

As for your son’s iPhone having better colors, the iPhones incorporate “computational photography”, which means the camera app processes the image and probably boosts the color levels.

You can do the same using the free Canon app Digital Photo Professional 4.  The DPP4 app works best with files saved in the RAW format, which is the equivalent of a digital film negative. This format must be processed by a computer to generate a JPG file, which is the digital equivalent of a printed hard copy.

When the iPhone captures an image, it creates an image file that has been “post processed” by the phone’s firmware from an internal RAW file that it captured.  You can perform post processing your RAW files using DPP4 and probably achieve similar results, at the very least.

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I have a T8i, and this how mine works.

Looking at your main screen, hit your Q button. Using your arrow key (or your main wheel) scroll over to the Picture Style box and hit your Set  button.

You'll be presented with a list of choices like S for Standard, or N for Neutral, or L for Landscape. Scroll over to the one you want to use, and press your Info button.

It's there that you can adjust things like  Contrast and Saturation.

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You won't see the picture style option using the Q button if you are in landscape mode or any auto shooting mode, as the OP says he is using.


Yeah. I thnk you're right. If the shooter is using one of the SCN, Special Scene modes like Landscape Mode, she probably won't see the Options I talked about.

Thanks for pointing that out.

Steve Thomas


I downloaded the manual for my T7 when I first got it. Most helpful. Now that yard work is coming to a halt, I plan on attending Camera University to attend a class that requires me to read the manual while having the camera to use and learn.

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